In Northern Ireland the pass rate for the Thoery Test is around 47% with first time passes as low as 27%.
This means you're more likely to FAIL the Theory Test than to pass it.

Our goal with our Theory Test lessons is to improve this number and help all of our pupils understand what it takes to pass the theory test and expand your road knowledge.

What is covered

During these lessons a wide array of topics will be covered. Both the hazard perception and question section of the theory test will be looked at in depth to provide tips, tricks and different tehcniques to help you through the test. Both sections of the theory need to be passed before you can complete your practical assessment.

Thoery Lessons will provide you with:
Confidence to tackle both sections of the test
Useful tips and tricks to answering questions
A focus on covering different road signs
An in depth look at the hazard perception

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With a wide range of topics covered, you can be sure that you will be much better prepared to tackle the theory test after taking part in our lessons.

These lessons are open to anyone, not just driving pupils of 1st Class Pass.

Don't let nerves or failure to prepare prevent you from completing your theory test or having to take it multuiple times.

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Theory lessons are £30 and 2 hours long.